Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Show and Tell | Maksins Eyelashes and Liquid Lipstick

Hey Beauts,

Hope your day went well? I can't remember when last I did a 'show and tell' on the blog. I guess that's because I haven't received anything to use and review in a while.

I received a package from Maksins today and decided to show you dolls what I got. Prior to the email I received to notify me about the products to expect, I had never heard of Maksins before now. I was happy to learn that more people read my blog and appreciate what I do.

Maksins is a Portharcourt based company into hair, human hair lashes and lipsticks. From the little I know Maksins is divided into 2: Maksins Hair ( for hair extensions and human hair lashes) and Pout by Maksins ( for liquid lipsticks and lip liners)

I received 4 Liquid Lipsticks and 4 Eyelashes

The liquid Lipsticks are-

  • My absolute (matte)
  • complete (matte)
  • look (matte)
  • muah (gloss)
The lashes are-
  • m48
  • m54
  • kc58
  • kc65
I love lashes and I love liquid lipsticks , so I am looking forward to creating different looks with these newbies. Besides I don't think I have lipsticks in these colors, so I am pretty excited to try them out. Be sure to keep tabs on the blog so you won't miss my post on the looks I would create. You should also expect my reviews as well. 

Let's call it a night. Stay beautiful 



  1. Niellascreation Obijiaku29 September 2016 at 03:19

    I want to be like you Ooo 😢 😢 😢

  2. I love the lip colours dey are kinda unique, they are usually hard to even see in the market

  3. please swatch the lipsticks, they look stunning!