Monday, 1 February 2016

What I've been up to........

Hello Beautiful People and Welcome to February....

I've been so busy for the last 2 weeks, there was absolutely no time to even sit down to blog anything. I'm back and better now so be sure to read more from me.

Oh by the way, I got a new laptop as well.... yaaaayyy!!! My old laptop was doing my head in, and that was one of the reasons I couldn't blog as often as I wanted. I'm glad that is all resolved now.

I took a short course in Makeup Photography about 2 weeks ago, and so last week I had to test out what I learnt.  Through out last week I was shooting. I had different volunteer models submit their faces for a makeover and then I took pictures.  Many thanks to all my models, I truly appreciate.

I took a lot of pictures because I was trying to achieve different things, so bear with me as this post is loaded with pictureeessssss!!!!

The first person to respond to my request for a volunteer makeover was my friend Gloria, and we decided to go for an Igbo bridal look, without all the drama of  heavy beads and double wrapper. Instead we went for a simple gold blouse, yellow scarf and green accessories.

Gloria's Look...

Products used: Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, bh cosmetics glitter in gold and jungle green, mac eyeshadow- carbon, Face: mary kay time wise foundation- bronze 5, bmpro blush- obsession, Lips- house of tara lipstick- arese, and nyx lipstick - pale pink.

The next is Chioma, and for her we decided to do a bridal inspired look ( white wedding) 

Chioma's Look...

Products used: Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, mac eyeshadows -expensive oik and embark, Face- mary kay foundation- bronze 500 7507, house of tara mineral blush- #70, Lips- jordana lip pencil- baby berry and nyx lipstick in pale pink

For Ijeoma we decided to create a party guest look. You know these days wedding/party guests are not smiling. 

Products used: Eyes- hegai7esther brow gel- nubia, mac eyeshadows in amber lights and embark,  Face- mary kay foundation bronze 504 &607, black opal blush- bold berry, Lips- zaron fussy fusha and nyx shocking pink

for Ijeoma's second look we switched to black smokey eyes paired with red lips. I used a black eyeshadow from miss ross 88 color palette, and  nyx lipstick in perfect red. 

The next model is Ann and she is dressed in a white/silver lace blouse, pink and silver aseoke and pink beads to match. This could also pass for an engagement look...

Products used: Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, sleek eye dust- in the nude, mac eyesahdow- carbon, Face- mary kay time wise foundation- bronze 5, bmpro blush- obsession, Lips- zaron lip pencil- fussy fusha, nyx lipstick in shocking pink and pale pink. 

Our next model is Fatimah. Her look could probably go for a Yoruba bride's second outfit, for those who do the whole change of outfit thing.

Products used; Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, mac eyeshadows in goldmine, coppering and carbon, Face- mary kay foundation- bronze 600, bmpro blush- obsession. Lips- nyx lipstick in perfect red and makeup revolution intense lacquer in a love like that. 
 Next is Oyinkan.... Who says you can't jazz up Ankara and make it look fab? This could go for a regular party look.

Products used: Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, sleek eye dust - in the nude and mac eyeshadow-carbon, Face- mary kay foundation- bronze 507&607, bmpro blush- obsession. Lips- jordana lip pencil- cabernet, nyx lipstick in perfect red.

Last but certainly not the least is Lola....  Dressed up as a Yoruba bride with lace buba, aseoke and beads to go with it.  I totally enjoyed working on Lola's face... Beautiful eyes and great facial structure too...

Products used: Eyes- hegai&esther brow gel- nubia, shop sisi glitter- green, mac eyeshadow- carbon, Face: mary kay foundation- bronze 507, bmpro blush- obsession, Lips- mac lip pencil- chestnut, mac lipstick- morange and illusions lipgloss- drew. 

 So there you have it people, my photoshoot week in a nutshell. I really enjoyed everyday ,even though some days were more stressful than others. It was fun all the way. Thanks once again to all my models and special thanks to Ann and Fatimah who came from Abeokuta. God bless you all big!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post? Tell me what you think....

Happy New Month Everyone, do have a fantastic week ahead!



  1. Happy month dear. But am crying and whaling here, why didn't you contact me to be one of your models na? 😤😲😢😭.

    Beautiful pictures by the way......

  2. Chinemerem Ibe.1 February 2016 at 16:09

    Nice. Chloe always killing it.

  3. Illusions Cosmetics1 February 2016 at 21:19

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Very very nice and job well done!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Wow! Stunning

  6. Such stunning looks ! Great styles :)

  7. chloes makeover7 February 2016 at 02:15

    Thank you all so very much, I appreciate.

  8. jennifer udochu11 February 2016 at 03:58

    Wow!Lovely pictures.