Sunday, 17 January 2016

Review | Austa's Lip Solution in Ose

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I have a review today and it's on a product I received a while  ago. I was sent this Austa's Lip Solution in the shade Ose, and today I decided to blog about it.


With the Austa's Lip Solution, a little goes a long way, with that luster that lasts a whole day, for that perfect cute pout.


It comes in a black  round 5 in 1 palette, with a transparent cover which allows you see the colors of the product. It also comes with a lip brush for easy application.


According to Austa's, the lip solution is creamy, glossy, smooth, comfortable, semi-matte, highly pigmented, and you can mix and match colors to create your own unique look.

I swatched all 5 colours in the palette....

I tried the mix and match with 3 colors, and here is what I arrived at....


Before now, I had never heard about the brand Austa's , so when I received a call to have the lip solution sent to me , I wasn't sure what to expect. My first impression when I received the Austa's lip solution was a good one simply because I loved the packaging, but you know there is more to a product than packaging, so I decided to give it a try.

The first time I applied the Austa's lip solution, I tried to use my finger but it wasn't working. I said to myself  "why do you think it comes with a lip brush"? I wanted to test the claims of Austa's, so I applied the lip solution directly on my lips without any lip liner.

I love the texture and consistency of this lip solution. It actually applies smoothly on the lips and it's quite pigmented too. It feels very much like a lipstick, and it reminds me of NYX matte lipstick in perfect red.  It looks glossy when you apply it, but doesn't feel glossy on the lips. Austa's claims it is semi-matte, and I have to agree, that is why I compared it with NYX matte lipstick in perfect red. I wore it for over 6 hours, and my lips didn't feel dry, even after eating and drinking there was still color on my lips. After a long day, I noticed the color wasn't as pigment as it was when I first applied it, but nothing a little touch up can't fix. The good thing about the Austa's lip solution is that , the product is very portable so you can carry it in your purse and do your touch up, if need be, and because of the soft matte texture you won't experience all those cracks and dryness you get with dry matte lip products.  Don't forget to have some tissue paper or wipes with you, so you can easily clean the brush after applying your product. That way the lip color from the brush doesn't stain other things in your purse.

The 5 colors in the Ose palette may look the same, but they are different. From a bright red, to mid and even deep red, 2 of which have an orange undertone. Personally, I wish each color had an individual name, but then again I love the fact you can play around with more than one color to create your own look.


The Austa's lip solution actually surpassed my expectation, I really like it and would recommend it if you love a soft matte look.

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  1. Austa's Concepts & Designs17 January 2016 at 10:34

    Thanks so much for this Review. Glad you like the product. We every much appreciate. 🙌😃👍

  2. Beauty Stanley17 January 2016 at 21:57

    Very pretty! Seems the texture is something i'll like...

  3. It looks good on you.

  4. Chika James Silas20 January 2016 at 12:52

    looks pretty

  5. Chinemerem Ibe.23 January 2016 at 05:31

    Looks good

  6. Nice concept, how much does it cost?

    • chloes makeover7 February 2016 at 02:17

      Hi Tuke, i'm not sure of the price, but you can get all the details from them +234 (0) 803- 075-1262