Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2 Years Post Big Chop | The Journey so Far...

So I wasn't sure whether to do this post or not, and then it occurred to me that I actually haven't done a hair post in a very long time.

Today is the 6th day of January and it marks 2 years since I did the big chop. I always say it, cutting my hair and starting all over was the best decision I made for my hair.

I still maintain the same routine as always, and I don't do anything special.  For a couple of months now, my hair has been in different protective styles, from crotchet braids, to regular braids, as well as sewn in weavon.

Here are some pictures below to take you through my journey ....

First up is the day I cut my hair... 6th Januray 2014. I woke up that Sunday morning, wore a wig to church, and when I got back, I decided to go to the salon , and booommmm.... I came out with low cut. The journey started.

One year after ,  6th January 2015, I did a length check and sure I could see some growth.

In May 2015, I decided to give my hair a new look, so I coloured it.  I wasn't exactly feeling the colour, but after a while I got used to it. You can view that post HERE

My hair has been coloured for 8 months now, even though it has turned ombre and my black roots are popping out.

Occasionally, I do the deep conditioning with any protein treatment. Some people use a combination of egg, mayonnaise, avocado pear, banana ,honey to achieve  their desired concentrate. Personally, egg tends to dry out my hair, so I stick to avocado pear or banana.  You can view a detailed post on my deep conditioning routine  HERE

And finally, as at today 6th January 2016, exactly 2 years since my big chop, this is what my hair looks like....

What's not to love about this hair???

I am so so in love with my hair, still very happy with the decision I made 2 years ago to cut it. I used to feel , I was too vain to have short hair, but believe me I enjoyed the TWA stage. Now the hair has grown, I can style it up anyhow I feel like.

Tonight, all I need to do is, spray some water and oil mix on the hair, using my eco styling gel, and do my normal 2 strand twist-out. By morning, I can take down the twist out, or just wear any of my wigs, till I decide the next protective style to do.

I celebrate my hair today because I am very happy with the amazing results so far. The hair is healthier, fuller and growing better , unlike when I had relaxed hair. It doesn't matter whether I'm type 4a, 4b or 4c all I can say is this: My texture is very soft and easy to maintain, and I never even needed relaxer in the first place.

  • I defined my brows with Hegai & Esther Brow Gel in Nubia, on my eyelid I have Sleek Eyedust- In the Nude and my lipstick is Mac Cyber. 

Hopefully, I would be able to do more hair posts this year... fingers crossed!!!!

Have a wonderful night rest everyone.



  1. I luv d look...and ur hair is so cool...wat dd u do 2 it 2 mk it curl nd lie dwn so smoothly.

  2. Go naturalista. That makes two of us. I just need to know how u coloured your hair. I wanna do it too. And I hope it doesn't affect my hair growth.
    *Busybody Correcter

  3. Your makeup in the last set of photos!!!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Please do a detail post on how to achieve a SOFT natural cause girllll my hair is the definition of coarse i can't even dream of putting a comb in it before this post I had my mind on relaxing it plesse help a sister out

  5. Chinemerem Ibe.9 January 2016 at 09:25

    Nice hair. I like.

  6. I love natural hair but am too busy to take care of it. Plus my hair is super Kiki .

  7. Ann Chetachukwu Ubah MD12 January 2016 at 10:15

    Nice wooly hair