Monday, 19 October 2015

Review | BH Cosmetics Glitter- Hot Magenta

Hey Dolls!

I hope you are all well? So today's post is a quick review on one of the BH Cosmetics glitter I got a while back. I had this particular look on sometime last week , and I got a lot of positive comments and questions about the eye shadow I was wearing.  So here I am to drop a quick one...

Let's get to it...

What BH Cosmetics says about their glitter collection...

This collection of sparking loose glitter comes in a wide range of colors from radiant reds to dazzling purples. Incredibly versatile, these makeup glitters can be used to add twinkle to your eyes, a shimmer to your lips or as a highlighter for your face. To apply, pat the glitter on your skin with a wet brush and then let dry for a long- lasting glamorous effect. 

My review today is on Hot Magenta...

This color is described as a hot neon pink with blue undertones. It comes in a transparent jar, with a black cover that allows you see through to the product. Each pot of glitter contains about 8 grams of product, which seems very reasonable. One good thing about this glitter pot is that it has a stopper which allows for control of product.

The first time I opened up this glitter pot, I was absolutely blown away. I feel in love with the bold color and the pigmentation.

Before I apply the glitter, I prep my lids with a primer, then I go in with a normal eye shadow of a similar color to the glitter. This eye shadow serves as a base for the glitter I would use. It is also important to use a glitter adhesive prior to glitter application, this way the glitter would sit in place and not budge. Always remember to do your eye makeup first before the foundation routine, this helps to avoid any fallout, but the glitter adhesive does a good job at controlling any fallout to the barest minimum.

Personally, I use my index finger to apply my glitter. I simply dip my finger into the glitter and tap it on my lid. That way , it's easier to control the product on my lid. You could also try a flat shader brush for application, especially if you are working on a client.

Here is a swatch below.... can you see the pigmentation?

How I rock my Hot Magenta Glitter....

Up Close...


  • Affordable $6 on the BH Cosmetics Website
  • Variety of colors (20)
  • Very pigmented
  • Value for money
  • It can be a little bit too thick especially if you want to use it as a highlighter or on the lips. You need to use a very very light hand. 
I purchased about 6 colors and I love them all.  If you do love to sparkle , then I would highly recommend these BH Cosmetics glitter for you. 

You can get the glitters HERE. Let me know if you do purchase any. 

Has anyone else tried the BH Cosmetics Glitter Collection? What are your thoughts?  

Thanks for reading dolls, have a beautiful week ahead. 



  1. Wen I first saw dis pix I ws like "omg!! Dis looks exquisite! U looked like a beautiful doll. Me lovey!

  2. Niellascreation Obijiaku19 October 2015 at 08:42

    Oh yes!! The gold is golden indeed. ..
    Worth every naira

  3. ѕαу му ηαмє ŔøŚЄPøŴЄŁŁ19 October 2015 at 11:06

    Wowwww this is so lovely and the make up is perfect..babe I rise my 2 hand for u

  4. this look is amazing!!!!!!! gorgeous! hair details pls

    • chloes makeover19 October 2015 at 22:48

      Thanks Annette, it's actually crochet braids, I just styled it up myself.

  5. I love BH eye products. I ve got the 120 shadow palate but my ish with them is that they don't ship directly to one in Najia. It must be through agent.

    Bcos of this I stopped visiting their site Bcos their products are very affordable but difficult to get to me.

  6. Helen- Beauty Maven24 November 2015 at 13:41

    This looks amazing!! Nice one.pls what camera and editing app did u use. Thank you