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Free Breast Cancer Awareness & Screening in Satellite Town....

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I hope everyone is doing great and your weekend is restful? As you may be aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. The colour pink is also used to create awareness for the disease , and this month is all about a touch of pink. Let's all support a good cause.

The Agatha Obiageli Aghedo Memorial Foundation and Sebeccly Cancer Care Presents a Free Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening in Satellite Town Lagos.

The programme features:

  • Talks on the symptoms and signs of breastb cancer
  • Early detection
  • Treatment
  • Free screening

Date: 17th October 2015

Time; 10am

Venue: Oriade Local Council Development Hall, Mumin Adio Badmus Road, Satellite Town, Lagos

This event is Proudly supported by QualiPro Events


The AOAMF is a registered non-profit/ charity organisation which was founded in 2010 by Mrs. Akhere Marian Akran, nee Aghedo,  in memory of her mother,  Mrs. Agatha Obiageli Aghedo, who lived in Satellite Town with her family. Till her untimely passing, she was a philanthropist and was always ready to assist whoever needed her assistance. The Founder of AOAMF, Mrs. Akran, is an Educationist, Safety Officer and an Associate Member/Patron  of the Nigeria Red Cross Society.
The foundation counsels, empowers and sponsors youths with prospects with both formal and informal education and assists the under privileged (needy) in local communities. In a modest way, the Foundation has successfully and solely sponsored two youths in the university who have completed their undergraduate education, to the glory of God. We look forward to assisting many others on our list and hope that with that encouragement they will graduate, gain meaningful employment and be able to assist their siblings and family members through their own educational achievement.
The foundation has organised a number of outreaches within and outside Satellite town according to the number of donated items in the storage and continues to collect used items in good conditions from kind hearted people at home and abroad all through the year for future outreaches. 

To assist the underprivileged (infants, youths, adults) in local communities by organising quarterly outreaches where food items, clothes, shoes, toys, books etc will be distributed as well as sponsor, counsel and empower youths who are the leaders of tomorrow in order to make life more conducive for them in their communities.

Our ultimate goal is to make life more conducive for the underprivileged in local communities.

1.   Giving hope to the less privileged in the society
2.   Assist youths with both formal and informal education
3.   Enhancing integrity of persons of less privileged background in the society.

We have chosen satellite town as our primary focus area and have a few projects lined up for the community.
FREE LITERACY PROGRAMME: we hope to start a free literacy programme for the primary school children in the local primary school in satellite town. This programme is scheduled to run every Saturday between the hours of 10am -12noon at no cost at all to the children and their parents/guardians. These children will be introduced to phonetics, taught to read and write better by our volunteer teachers who are seasoned graduates. We hope that this will enable the children function effectively in their primary environment.
COUNSELLING CENTRE: this centre will be opened to youths in satellite town where they will be counseled; register and get timely assistance where necessary.
HEALTH AWARENESS: This programme will comprise various categories of awareness and screening which will be beneficial to the community.  We believe that early and timely detection and treatment of any health issue will go a long way in preventing further dangers.
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS AND FREE SCREENING: we would be partnering with medical professionals and non-governmental organisations who work in  the interest of the female gender . We will enlighten the people of the community, screen and follow up on any detected case. This will be done annually in the month of October which is the Breast cancer month and the third Friday in the month of October is the World Mammography day. Every woman is encouraged and reminded to go for a check up annually.

BLOOD PRESSURE AND STROKE: we will be organizing free screenings and awareness on high blood pressure and stroke. This will also be an annual programme.

We hope that our proposed programs will help in enhancing the lifestyles of the people in the community.

Dear mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters,
It is my pleasure to share with you this vital piece of information which can and will go a long way in enhancing our lives and life styles. As a woman I have discovered that we are so engrossed in the running of our homes that we barely have time to go for a routine check up. This is why AOAMF has decided to help us with this important part of our life. We will henceforth, organize awareness programs and fitness walks to help manage our health in this community.
This maiden awareness is on Breast Cancer and we have with us here our sisters from Sebeccly Cancer care. Our breasts are very important to us. Some of us trivialize its importance. We notice a lump, discharge, discolouration and are shy or scared to talk about it. I dare to say that early intervention goes a long way in the prevention and management of diseases. Let us encourage and educate our fellow sisters on the importance of  annual health checks as prevention they say is better than cure and a healthy and happy home must have  (either one or more ) mother, sister, daughter, niece and aunty.
According to the English Dictionary “CANCER:  in medicine is a disease in which the cells of a tissue undergo uncontrolled (and often raid) proliferation.
Figuratively it is something which spreads within something else, damaging the latter.
BREAST: Either of two organs on the front of a woman’s chest which contain the mammary glands; also the analogous organs in men”.
A woman’s breast is made up of specialized tissue that produces milk and fatty tissue. The amount of fatty tissue determines the size of the breast.
Breast cancer occurs when malignant cells multiply abnormally in the breast and if left untreated they eventually spread and affect other parts of the body.


According to the Medical Director, Optimal Cancer Care foundation, Dr Femi Olaleye, breast cancer killed one in every twenty five Nigerian women and because our population is not screened it is actually a death sentence.
It might interest us to know that when we attain the age of 20, our cells do not regenerate as often and fast as they used to. I was privileged to have a chat with Prof. Abraham Osinubi of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos and he enlightened me on the important roles of our cells. The cells in the human body are the building blocks of life. Now, if these cells degenerate, what will be the consequence?
It is imperative to state that the degeneration of these cells means that our body’s method or ability to fight diseases will also reduce.
There are 2 major factors that can lead to the body’s rapid cell degeneration
  1. Our life style:  The lifestyle we live these days can be tagged “unhealthy”. The quest for a faster way of preparing our meals because of our busy schedules with the use of micro wave ovens, processed tin foods etc exposes us unconsciously to health hazards over a long period of time…Perhaps not so long anymore as we hear about cancer cases daily.
  2. Environmental factors:  Geologists revealed recently that the earth’s magnetic field has reduced drastically which has led to the depletion of the ozone layer thereby exposing the earth and its inhabitants to cosmic rays which causes cancer! Fumes from exhaust pipes, improper disposal of factory waste etc have adverse effects on our health such as colon, lung or breast cancers.
Our focus here is breast cancer and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it the number one type of cancer affecting humans. WHO says “1 in 8 women are at risk of having breast cancer in their life time. I.e. a diagnosis of breast cancer is made every minute”. In Nigeria it is the most common type of cancer.
We at AOAMF appreciate the day and month set aside to remind us on the importance of the breast. The month of October is tagged “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and the third Friday in the month is the “World Mammography day”. In this month, we are urged to go for a breast screening. That means we are reminded  to get our breasts checked every October.
There are 3 main risk factors that can lead to breast cancer and they are;
1.   Gender: that you are a female and also the complexity of the female anatomy.
2.   Age: More than 80% of breast cancers occur in women over 50years of age and men 60.
3.   Family history: if a member of the immediate of extended family has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

How do I check my breasts?
There’s no right or wrong way to check your breasts for any changes. Try to get used to looking at and feeling your breasts regularly. You can do this in the bath or shower, when you use body lotion, or when you get dressed. There’s really no need to change your everyday routine. Just decide what you are comfortable with and what suits you best.
Remember to check all parts of your breast, your armpits and up to your collarbone.
When you check your breasts, try to be aware of any changes that are different for you. 


Sebeccly Cancer Care (Sebeccly) is a not-for-profit cancer care and advocacy 
organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to women living with breast cancer care. Our mandate is geared towards the provision of cancer information services and supportive services to those affected by cancer, with the vision to reduce the cancer burden in Nigeria by advocating for improved conditions of care in our health institutions.
Sebeccly was founded in 2006 by Dr Omolola Salako out of a need to improve cancer services. These services range from prevention to early diagnosis, effective treatment, rehabilitation and supportive care. Sebeccly works with newly diagnosed patients, survivors, care givers; patient advocates, journalists and health care professionals.
We are passionate about cancer advocacy: by providing a platform for those affected by cancer to voice their opinions, share their stories, engage with cancer stakeholders and be influential in policy making.
Today, Sebeccly has supported over 3,000 women and their families. Sebeccly uses 60% of donated funds to help indigent patients access life saving cancer care and rehabilitation services during and after treatment. We pride ourselves to be the boldest cancer advocacy organization championing cancer survivorship services and professional development amongst health care professionals in Oncology.

Very long read, I know but if you are in the neighborhood , you could stop by and get your free screening and learn more about breast cancer. 

You have yourselves a fantastic weekend, and stay beautiful.



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