Friday, 4 September 2015

Review | Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

I was on a makeup shopping spree when I stumbled upon this foundation. I had foundation on my list, but a totally different brand. I wanted to try out something new, and so when the makeup artist at the Nars counter tried all sorts of tests and analysis on my sister I was certain I won't leave without getting one for myself.

Say hello to the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. They couldn't fit more words if they tried, could they?  It's such a mouth full,so for the rest of this post I would use the acronym ADLWF to get the message across.

Let's get to it...

What Nars says:

It full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hours wear. It is highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop- the result of exclusive innovation uniquely designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage, weightlessly.

The Nars ADLWF comes in 20 different shades with different undertones and it is fragrance free.

The Nars ADLWF comes in a very sleek 30ml glass container , with a dispensing pump which makes it easy to control the product. This foundation has a very light liquid formula.

How I apply Nars ADLWF:

I start by shaking the bottle to be sure no product is settled. I apply one pump of foundation at the back of my hand and warm it up. Then working with my fingers, I apply a small amount in the center of my face and begin pressing onto my face working outwards in sections. To achieve the most natural result, start with a minimal amount of product and gradually build to a desired coverage.
               *you have to work quickly to blend, as it perfects and sets in moments.

What I think about Nars ADLWF:

According to Nars, 1 drop of ADLWF gives full coverage, well maybe if you have a flawless skin, but for me I have a few black spots on my face, and 1 drop never gives me full coverage. For me 2 - 3 drops is what I need to get my full coverage, and the good thing about this foundation is that even with 2-3 drops,you can layer it on and it still feels super light.

I can't verify the 16 hour claim that Nars says about ADLWF, really though who wears foundation for up to 16 hours? It is long lasting no doubt, I've worn it for about 7 hours and my face still looked good before I took off my makeup. The Nars ADLWF sits on the fence between dewy and matte finish which I really love.

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I Love this foundation!!!!

What I love about Nars ADLWF:
  • Looks and feels exceptional natural on my skin
  • It is absolutely lightweight
  • My shade Macao is a perfect match
  • Blending is so easy and smooth and leaves no streaks. 
So far, so fabulous...

To see looks i've created with the Nars ADLWF , click HERE and HERE

Like every Nars product, the ADLWF doesn't come cheap. I got this from Sephora for $48. You can also get it HERE.  Where there are no testers, it will be difficult to get your right shade. 

I would definitely repurchase this foundation.

Who else has tried the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation? Please share your thoughts..

Have a great weekend Y'all


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