Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Look of the Day | Eye Kandy Glitter & L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss

I woke up this morning after a very terrifying nightmare. No jokes!!! I had a panic attack in the dream and even when I woke up..

 So in the dream, I was at the airport with my sisters Toyin and Bimbo, along with Toyin's bestie Ndidi and Bimbo's 3rd bestie Ijeoma. We had checked in , and about to board our flight to Dubai, when I suddenly realized I didn't pack a single makeup!!!! OMG!!!!  How can I travel without makeup?  I knew if I go back home to pack my makeup, I would miss my flight and whatever fun we were going to have in Dubai, so honestly the best thing to do was to wake up....

Bimbo was angry with me for waking up...

When the sleep had cleared from my eyes, I laughed it off, but truly it wasn't a funny thing to dream about. I know I have the option of buying makeup when I arrive at my destination, but the truth is I don't travel with just 1 foundation, or 1 powder or 1 lipstick, no I don't.  I have a soft case solely for the purpose of travelling, infact it's as big as a box, that way I can pack as much as I would need to create different looks while I am on holiday, so you understand why it was a nightmare for me right?

Anyways I decided to create a look today but it didn't go as planned. I tried the first color from one palette like that , it was awful. I cleaned it off and did another look, I still didn't like it. Arrgggghhhhh!!!

I finally decided to try out some new products I got , and there you have it....



  • mabrook brow pencil- brown
  • hegai&esther brow gel- nubia
  • mac studio finish concealer- nc45
  • casabella shadow base- light
  • mac e/s- mythology(lid)
  • mac e/s- shadowy lady (outer v)
  • mac e/s- brown script ( transition)
  • ben nye glitter glue
  • eye kandy glitter- taffy (lid)
  • mary kay gel liner- jet black
  • la girl endless auto liner- black ( waterline)
  • inglot amc gel liner- #75 (lower lashline)
  • dark eye lashes- #747m  (2 pairs)
  • smashbox photo finish foundation primer
  • nars all day luminous weightless foundation
  • milani compact powder- medium
  • la girl pro concealer- medium beige (highlight)
  • ben nye luxury powder- banana (set highlight)
  • la girl pro concealer- beautiful bronze ( contour)
  • cover girl bronzer- ebony bronze- ( set contour)
  • sleek blush by 3 flame palette- furnace
  • mac mineralize skinfinish- gold deposit 
  • nyx lip pencil- deep purple
  • la girl matte pigment gloss- stunner
  • nyx matte lipstick- pale pink
  • black opal lip lacquer- clear

And then 10 minutes after taking my pictures, I washed off my makeup and took off my weavon. Don't ask why ( big grin) !!!

Ok, I hope you like this look, please send in suggestions for looks I can create, and i'll do my best to post it. Alright dolls, i'm off now, do have yourselves a wonderful night rest. 



  1. LOL @ your dream!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I love this look

  3. [email protected] dream! Nd I love love love d eyeshadow...d glitter is super awesome..nd d lips is driving me crazy! Waow!

  4. Loving the look. I love how you used four lip products and it doesn't crash and burn.

  5. Beautiful