Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lipstick Series | Purple

Purple is such a versatile color which can be barely there or can be bright. The good news is that: Purple is one color that can flatter a variety of skin tones.

Below is the list of my different purple lippies as well as their finishes..

  • Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in L.V.U.- It applies as a liquid but has a matte finish
  • L.O.G Cosmetics lipgloss in Suzy- It has a glossy finish
  • L.A. Girl matte pigment gloss in stunner- Applies as a liquid , but dries to a matte finish
  • Mac Lipstick in Heroine- This has a satin finish
  • Kiko smart lipstick in #923- Has a moisturizing finish
  • House of Tara Matte Lip Color in Arese- It has a soft matte finish
  • L.A.Girl glazed lip paint in Coy- This has a glossy finish
  • L.A. Girl glazed lip paint in Daring- This also has a glossy finish


My Top 3;

In 3rd place is Tara matte lip color in Arese- I love the soft matte feel on the lips, and the color is absolutely pretty.

In 2nd place- Mac Heroine- I love this lipstick so much, the color and the consistency is amazing. It glides on smoothly and doesn't tug or pull the lips.

In 1st place- Kat Von D liquid lipstick in L.U.V.- I feel in love at first swatch. This lipstick is absolutely wonderful. It applies liquid but dries to a perfect matte finish. It has a full , opaque coverage and wears up to 8 hours, and doesn't require any touch ups even after eating.

In my personal opinion, purple lipsticks are more interesting than red and more sophisticated than pink.

So what purple lipsticks are you loving currently? Do share your thoughts...



  1. Yeah yeah
    Purple gives me life.... and one of my favourite colours.
    I would agree with arese lippie by House of Tara

  2. D mac heroine and tara looks cool!

  3. Princess Michelle25 August 2015 at 14:49

    Purple rules and rocks anyday. Especially when you're going for the vamp look. Its my fave colour of lippy at the moment.

  4. I'm so in luv wif LA girl matte lippie.it cmes out so drk ngives me d bad sexy chic feel.

  5. Finallyyyyyyyy! for the purple lovers! love Heroine and Stunner! would love to try the Kat Von D LUV very soon! Thanks or sharing

  6. Illusions Cosmetics26 August 2015 at 21:09

    Nice post. Loved the colors