Saturday, 11 July 2015

Party People #5

Hello people, I hope your week went well, and the weekend is restful? My week was good, did a bit of makeup spring cleaning, and I dug out a few products I bought /won which I haven't even used.

Hopefully I should be able to use some to create looks for the blog, or even add them to my giveaway stash. Talking about giveaways, it's been a while I did one of those, I should prepare for one soon. What do you think?

Anyways, I was happy when Aunty Bola called me again to book for another wedding she had to attend. This time around she specifically told me , "Doyin, I want my look to be very subtle, infact I don't want it to show", so I promised to give her a very subtle look. When I was done, I felt it wasn't showing, but guess what? She loved her makeup and she said that was exactly how she wanted it.

For Aunty Funmi and Aunty Fola, I played around with glitter and everyone was happy.  All the friends wanted to take group pictures before leaving for the wedding and so I obliged.

Aunty Funmi's look

Aunty Bola's look

Aunty Fola's look

They all loved their looks and I was happy with the outcome.

And oh, did I mention to you? I would be suspending my nail posts till further notice. My nails have managed to go from long to short, to long to short and I am tired. Two of my nails broke today while tying gele. I can't complain much, but as long as I have to tie gele for clients, I think short nails work better for me. So from Tuesday, I'll start my Lipstick series which should last about 4 weeks while I think of new features to add to spice up this blog.

Alright people, I need to sleep now, thanks for reading until my next post, do stay beautiful.


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  1. nicoleswizzi.12 July 2015 at 08:50

    Ohhh my! Dis is lovely!! Bt I av an ish wif d last one..hmmm...missed ur posts bt am bk!