Monday, 18 May 2015

Nails for the Week: Pre-Designed Tips

Hey Dolls,

I hope your weekend went well?  It's another Monday and you know what that means? A new nail post.

So i've had this false nails for the longest time ever, and then suddenly I decided to use it for this weeks' nail post.

I started off with clean buffed nails, then I proceeded to fix the false nails on the tip my own natural nails.

 After fixing the false nails, and allowing the glue to dry, I used a scissor to trim them down.

Then I used the powder and  liquid with a nail brush to add more body to the nails. I didn't use too much of the powder because these nails would probably last about 2 weeks and I didn't want any difficulty when I want to take them off.

Then I used my file and buffer to give my nails an oval shape.  I washed off all the residue and then I applied a simple top coat over the nails , and viola... all done!!!!

I am not a nail technician in any form, but I just love to do my nails myself. Please forgive the picture quality, my canon started misbehaving so I used my blackberry to snap these pictures.

I got my pre-designed tips HERE, but I don't think they ship worldwide. You can check their listings to know which countries they ship to.

I am lying down on my couch to type this post, i'm down with cough and allergy.

Anyways , I wish you all a fantastic week ahead, and as always, do stay beautiful.



  1. Tope Ogundimu20 May 2015 at 00:33

    Awwww sorry about the cold ! Nice nails thou.

  2. Eyeha. Get well soon dear. Sorry about d cough and allergy.

  3. Miss Blackie21 May 2015 at 07:55

    Nice, weldone.