Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Giveaway Winners...

Hello Beauties, and Thank God It's Friday!!!! 6 Days to Christmas, wooohooo, and before you know it, we would be talking 2015. This year was great and I know next year would be better, I'm excited already.

So today we announce the winners of the Christmas Giveaway, but before I do so, I wish to thank , my followers , my readers and everyone who participated in this giveaway. If I could, I would reward you all * big grin* .

We had a total number of 53 comments, but only 24 entered the random number generator. Alot of entries were disqualified for various reasons: multiple entries, participants didn't leave their names, email address or social media handle. I decided to stick to the rules, to be fair to those who followed the instructions correctly. Let's stay hopeful as there would be more giveaways to come...

The answers are:

1. 10 Lords a leaping
2. 30th April 2014, Oriental Hotel , Lagos.
3. Little Black Dress
Social Media Handle.....

Below are the numbers/names of participants who entered the Random Number Generator:

1. Oge Eluemunoh ( instagram)
2. Obianuju Dunumba (instagram)
3. Omoye Nwuli ( facebook)
4. Nkem Okoye ( instagram)
5.Itunu Rotimi ( instagram)
6. Nasiru Olaide ( instagram)
7. Adeduro Adetomi ( instagram)
8. Arala Olusade ( instagram )
9. Mary Chinwe  ( instagram)
10. Okpara Chidimma ( instagram)
11.Ojuejiofor Nonye Marycole (twitter)
12. Dolapo ( instagram)
13. Oluwaseun Adeogun ( instagram)
14. Serah Okoronkwo ( instagram)
15. Umeh Vivian ( instagram)
16.Steph Okoye (instagram)
17. Debbie Bilham ( twitter)
18. Chioma Agu ( instagram)
19. Comfort Foyibi ( twitter)
20. Ofogebe Uchechukwu ( instagram)
21. Ugo Patience Ukam ( facebook)
22.Akinde- Peters Oluwakemi ( instagram)
23. Isabel Umahi ( instagram)
24. Tayam Iruo ( instagram)

The winning random numbers are.... Drumrolls please!!!!

The winners  are:

1. Okpara Chidinma

2. Ugo Patience Ukam

3. Itunu Rotimi

Congratulations Dolls!!! An email will be sent to you shortly so discuss how you will receive your prize. Don't forget to do a review to indicate you recieved your package. If you are on instagram , tag and mention chloesmakeover and I would repost...

Once again, I say a big thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway. Don't feel bad if you didn't win now, not to worry, bigger giveaways coming in the new year.

To everyone , I say a big Thank You, for the encouragement, constructive criticisms, you all push me to keep doing what I love and i'll keep doing more.  I hope to see some of you on Sunday at the Christmas Beauty Mingle.

Till my next post, do have a splendid weekend ahead and stay beautiful!



  1. Obianuju Dunumba19 December 2014 at 02:14

    Am crying.

  2. ComfyPearl Foyibo19 December 2014 at 04:06

    #sadface Congratulations to the winners. And merry Christmas to Chloe's makeover. You rock girl!

  3. lol... I did a giveaway and WON A GIVEAWAY...... BLESSED!!! THANK YOU B

  4. Waow! Ist of all I wnt to say a big thanks to chloesmakeover,luv wat u doin,may God almighty bless and replenish whre dis is comin from.. To the winners,a big congrats to you all,una lucky sha,bcs all na luck. Merry xmas in advance to u all..#i jst wish I won sha..cuz I ws really eyeing sumfins in d giveaway

  5. OMG!!! Can't believe I won. Am overwhelmed with joy. Tnx @chloemakeover for these wonderful giveaway... I will surely do a review and tag u on instagram.God bless and do have a splendid celebration.**big hugs**

  6. OMG!!! I won! Am overwhelmed with joy. Tnx to @chloakeover for the giveaway.Sure, I will review my gifts and tag u on instagram. I have replied your mail. God bless and have a splendid celebration.