Thursday, 13 November 2014

Depotting Lipsticks from a Palette....

I won this lipstick palette a while ago and just got around to do some swatches and photographing. It was too good not to share, and luckily for me I also got a depotting container in my big win. I decided to share the love between my personal makeup kit and my work kit.

What you need:
  • lip palette
  • depotting container
  • nail file
  • tissue 
  • wipes
  • cotton bud

How to:

Start by using the nail file to scoop out the lip color from the palette then transfer it to the depot container. As you depot each color, you have to clean the nail file so you don't transfer one color to another. After depotting all the colors, use the cotton bud to clean up the edges incase of any spills. 

Aside from lip products, you can also depot cream products like foundation and concealer, eyeshadows, and even blush. Depotting makes it easier for products to be carried around, especially your work kit as it helps to minimize space.

There you have it....

I've got a blog giveaway coming really soon, you all should look out for that.

Have yourselves a splendid weekend...



  1. Waooo! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cant wait 4 d give away oo....nid me sm [email protected]!

  3. Nice one!!!!! I am waiting for the give away o lol

  4. I like...... Inshort me like this pallete. Looking forward to the giveaway.

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    I want o