Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bridal Feature: Oluchi...

Hey Beauties,

Meet my bride Oluchi. She got married on saturday 15th November. We chatted for a while before I met her 2 sundays ago when she came for her consultation. Before I did her trial, she kept insisting on a simple look, she said she didn't want to look different on her wedding day. I thought to myself  " conservative bride, it's ok".

I decided to do a simple look and make my bride happy.  When I was done, she I looked  in the mirror and said  "wooow" Oluchi loved the look. It was just what she wanted.

Happy Bride, Happy Makeup Artist...

Enjoy some pictures below....

Mother of the Bride also got a makeover. 

Something rather funny happened...

When I got into the bride's hotel room, there were a few people in the room so I just exchanged pleasantries with everyone sitting around. Basically, I said hi... hello.. not paying attention to anyone in particular. Seeing that the bride wasn't ready for me I asked where her mom was so I could start her makeup, then she pointed to her mom and my jaw dropped.

I had to rephrase my "Hi" went over to where she was sitting and I gave the "mother of the bride" a proper greeting.

Here is wishing you Oluchi a wonderful married life, God bless you always and thanks for making Chloe's Makeover part of your big day.

Till my next post , do stay beautiful everyone!



  1. Simple yet elegant! I give it to you cloe makeover

  2. Classy.

  3. chloes makeover21 November 2014 at 15:38

    thanks lovelies...