Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nails on the go...

Hey Darlings,

Today's post is for nails. My sister got me some pretty nail polishes and i was quite eager to play with them. I had to wait a while for the henna painting on my palm to clear out though..

So let's get started...

fresh nails, no product applied.
scholl's nail treatment and nail hardener applied

Products used: left to right... nail hardener, green nail polish , orange nail polish, scholl  nail treatment. 

DIY Steps:

  • I started by applying the scholl nail treatment, it dried almost immediately then i followed up with the clear nail hardener. 
  • After 2 mins, i applied one coat of the orange kiko nail polish and waited about 7mins. These kiko nail polishes are super thick and take a long time to dry.
  • After the orange nail polish dried, i applied the green polish in a slant direction.
  • Waited another 5mins for the green polish to dry , then applied one last coat of the clear hardener. 
Good to go...

Does anyone have suggestions for fast drying nail polishes? Please recommend some...



  1. Two of my favourite colours! Beautiful

  2. You shld try Sally Hansen's nail polish. They dry super fast