Saturday, 28 June 2014

Nails for the week #3

could actually rock this design 
i missed one black spot somewhere, and this nail actually broke the next day.

Products used:  L- R: Acetone, Maybelline express finish second nail colour in classic black, Top lady cosmetics nail polish in white, NYC expert last nail polish in timeless peony, sally hansen maximum growth, sally hansen complete salon manicure in cleared for take off, boobi pin and tooth pick on the foil paper and brushes.

1. Started off by applying 1 coat of the nail hardener as a base. It took about a minute to dry
2. Then i applied the pink nail polish, and allowed it to dry for about 5mins
3. I used a brush and some acetone to clean the edges and correct any mistakes.

4. I put a drop of the white nail polish on  foil paper, and started dotting with a bobbi pin. The foil paper prevents the nail polish from drying quickly. I dotted the pointy and ring fingers.
5. I also put a drop of the black nail polish on the foil to create the stripes on the other fingers, and also semi circles/ small c's around the white dots to create some form of leopard skin.  I added some black dots to the empty areas around the finger as well. I used both brush and tooth pick to create the stripes.
6. I allowed the design on all fingers to dry the finished off with clear hardener.




  1. love the leopard ones

  2. Cool..