Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review: Sleek Studio Skincare Range!!!

Hey Beauties,

Remember, I mentioned in a previous post that i received some goodies from Sleek Nigeria to use and review.  Apart from the sleek flash a pout lipstains, I also got some skincare products . The products I recieved include:

  • Lightning in a Jar (Whitening  Anti-Acne)
  • Scrub away my Troubles ( Mineral Peel with dead sea minerals)
  • Come Clean Gentle Cleansing Foam (with green tea)
  • NeuSkin Reveal Exfoliating Night Cream ( with fruit acids)
  • NeuSkin Reveal More Exfoliating Booster ( with fruit acids)

I have used most of these products  less than 4 weeks, so please note that this is my personal and honest review on them. 

Let's get started...

Lightning in a Jar ( Whitening Anti-Acne)
Lightning in a jar ( Whitening Anti-Acne)

What Sleek Says:

This is a real power house of a facial cream. Its functions include wrinkle reduction, anti acne, lightening dark spots and patches. Its special ingredients will help to maintain a smooth, radiant , even toned and blemish free skin for a long time. Best of all, it is an excellent foundation base; in addition to providing all these nourishing elements, it also makes your foundation go on smoother and last much longer.

My Thoughts:

It has a very very thick texture, the smell is fairly good, a little bit like butter and coconut mixture. I used this twice and stopped. Not only does the "lightning" and "whitening" scare me, but the texture is so not weather friendly at all, except you live in a very cold environment. I didn't try it as a foundation base or primer, simply because it felt as if i was rubbing vaseline on the face. Vaseline actually happens to be one of its ingredients.

Scrub Away My Troubles (Mineral peel with Dead sea mineral)

Scrub away my troubles ( mineral peel with dead sea minerals) 

What Sleek Says:

An exfoliating facial scrub that leaves the skin clean and smooth after every use. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients,including preservative system. It is excellent for all skin types (2 to 3 times a week) and optimal for impure (usually oily) skin- on a daily basis! The dead sea mineral grains acts as abrasive particles which melt instantly when water is added, allowing you to limit the intensity and duration of the scrub according to the individual skin needs.  The combination of emollients,wheat proteins, and herbal toning extracts assists exfoliation, accelerating removal of dead cells from the skin surface. Economical and easy to use, a small quantity of this concentrated scrub provides maximal benefit in just a minute.

My Thoughts:

It has very big crystalline particles, sweet citrus scent and the packaging is truly sleek. The first time i used this scrub, it felt a bit harsh for my skin. It's clearly stated on the pack, no need for hard rubbing, but even with a very light scrubbing it was still harsh. Personally, i would associate the harsh feel with the size of the crystalline particles, which i must say have got to be the biggest i have ever used. The crystalline particles are supposed to melt away as you add water, but i am not there yet.... I plan to try something this night , to see if i can reduce the size of the crystalline particles; dissolve in warm water!

Come Clean Gentle Cleansing Foam ( with Green Tea)
Come clean gentle cleansing foam ( with green tea)

What Sleek Says:

This gentle cleansing foam will thoroughly cleanse your skin, without over-drying it, but would  leave it comfortably smooth and soft. Formulated with sustainable ingredients, " Come Clean" is sulfate free and designed to maintain hygienic conditions on the skin's surface. Green Tea acts as a natural antioxidant to combat free radical damage, while wheat proteins smooth and natural emollients soften the skin to maintain its natural lipid barrier.

My Thoughts:

Easy to dispense through the nozzle and this ensures economical use . It is liquid but comes out as a foam. Looks and smells alot like green tea, feels light and very gentle on the face.

NeuSkin Reveal  Exfoliating Night Cream ( with fruit acids) 

NeuSkin reveal exfoliating night cream ( with fruit acids)

What Sleek Says:

A soft exfoliating fruit acid night cream, designed to enhance skin renewal. Contains Sodium Hyaluronate ( which i've never heard of, and i had to google, and i read alot of medical mumbo jombo)  to increase skin hydration and ease the process of dead cell removal. Nightly use will gradually reveal a fresh, brighter, smoother, softer and more moisturized underlying skin layer.

My Thoughts:

This is very easy to apply as it also has a tiny nozzle from which the product is dispensed, light weight and has a nice smell as well. I use this every other night and i have no problem with it.

NeuSkin Reveal More Exfoliating Booster ( with fruit acids)

NeuSkin reveal more exfoliating booster (with fruit acids) 

What Sleek Says:

An oil free, fruit acid gel-lotion, containing alpha hydroxy acids. This fruit acid booster optimizes skin renewal when used over NeuSkin Reveal night cream.

My Thoughts:

I saved my best for last....

This is almost similar to the NeuSkin reveal exfoliating night cream.  It is colourless, doesn't really have any particular smell, water based and  very light weight.  It leaves my face feeling very refreshed. I wish i could use it every night, but because i also use the NeuSkin reveal, I use this every other night as well.

So there you have it pretties, my personal review on the 5 different skincare products from Sleek Nigeria. Thanks Sleek Nigeria for these goodies.

I don't have the prices yet, but as soon as i do , be sure i'll pass on all the details.

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Until my next post,

Stay Beautiful. 


  1. nicoleswizzi.19 March 2014 10:09

    I jst love d fact dt u gave us ur own view abt it...nd dt u wre totally honest...#thumbs up!

  2. Ogochukwu Reju19 March 2014 10:13

    Need to try the whitening one. But if its gonna make me sweat, we av a problem then

  3. My sentiments exactly, Dee. As you know, I'm a sleek fan and tried these(except the "whitening cream-I don't do whitening/lightening ANYTHING) as soon as I saw them some months ago. I agree with you on all counts. I found the scrub kind drying, but noticed if you use the night cream it eases the dryness.
    Also used the suncreen (noticed you didn't mention that), that is da bomdigidi!!! Coverage n suncreen all I one fell swoop! Excellent for busy working mamas like us.
    Keep up d good work! Help us sift through the maze known as makeup!