Thursday, 6 March 2014

Review: Sleek Flash a Pout Lip Stain

Hey Lovilies, I hope your week is going well? Good thing, the weekend is here now, so you can smile....I recieved some goodies from Sleek Nigeria to use and review, some of which include these amazing looking matte lipstains... So basically, the bottles have an in built LED light as well as a cool mirror, which you can always use when you are out at night!!! As my daughter said: Awesome!!! The Sleek flash a pout lipstains have a matte finish, that means they are long lasting. It's also super super drying, and therefore very important you moisturize your lips before you apply them. I actually did all the swatching back to back, so i had a little bit of problem wiping each colour off before applying the next one... Here are some pictures of the swatches: Coined: This i would say is nude, with a tiny bit of gold shimmer, very easy to apply too. You can rock this anytime and everywhere. Duke: This is a dark purple, and has the whole vampie ish going on... I had a problem applying this... I couldn't get full coverage as the center of my lower lip was appearing as a wanna be ombre, and i kept reapplying and reapplying, and my lips started feeling heavy.... arrrrggghhh. Worse part was trying to wipe it off. Duke is definately not for the faint hearted! is in the wine/ burgungy family, but it comes out like a dark red on me. Perhaps I'm seeing things... I love love this colour, it applied with ease, no hassle at all... Naivety is a bright pink shade, this was also easy to apply and looks wearable anytime. Revolution is a bright orange shade and i see myself wearing this quite often as lately i've been going all bright.... Yes because i'm bold like that. Siren: And we finally got a red! What will i do without a red? Nothing. I absolutely love this too. I'll reveal my personal favourite in my next post.... I wore it through out the day and it stayed on till i was ready to take it off. To take it off i used a lip balm over the lipstain, then used wipes to remove all traces of colour. Overall, i like these lipstains, because personally i prefer matte lips. They also glide on smoothly and are long lasting. As long as you moisturize your lips before you apply, then you won't have a problem. Do you have any favourites? Share your thoughts.... CM


  1. Am so in love wif coined,revolution and siren...esp hmmmmm....omg I cnt choose...I jst love 3 of dem more dan d if u ask me...whch I wil rock more I wil go 4 "coined" since I cnt rock revolution nd siren all d tym 2 class...hmmm#smilingwith satisfaction#...NICOLE

  2. ronnie aliu6 March 2014 13:45

    I'll go for the revolution and the duke anytime girl....... Nice.

  3. Annette Akye7 March 2014 01:40

    wow! nice! i love revolution and duke on your lips, now if only sleek Ghana will have these products.

  4. Theodora Olumekor7 March 2014 15:44

    Definitely love siren, naiveity, and coined. Beautiful colors. Going to get mine.

  5. Anonymous2 May 2014 16:14

    love siren

  6. Dami Akinyemi29 May 2014 18:29

    revolution, siren and have my heart!