Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: NYX Pore Filler

Hey Dolls,

So today's review is on NYX Pore Filler. I love NYX especially their lipstcks and lip pencils, so while browsing their site i came across this product. I read some reviews on it, both positive and negative.....  I still decided to give it a try....

What NYX says:

A magical agent that minimizes the look of pores to create a smooth, porcelain doll-like finish to your face. It is oil free, talc free and it's formulated with vitamin E to smooth and enhance the skin. It can be used as a base, wear it alone or over makeup.

The NYX pore filler is also supposed to act as a base/primer specifically for oily to combination skin. It has a silicone base and a matifying finish.

My Thoughts:

I bought this product due to some noticeable pores on my face, and i wasn't so impressed. I have never used a pore filler before so honestly i didn't know what to expect, or perhaps i expected too much. As a primer, it works fine as it gives a matifying finish,feels very comfortable and light on the skin

As a  pore filler, NO, this doesn't work any magic for me. I don't see any difference after application. I have tried different methods of application : rubbing it in, patting it on, buffing it on,still nothing!

No luck with this one right here...

I got this from the NYX website for $14

Has anyone tried this product? Share your experiences....


  1. omobolanle faj26 March 2014 at 00:24

    Chloe we'll ddone,i luv nyx's lipsticks too buh am jst hearing abt d pore filller for d first time..

  2. nicoleswizzi.26 March 2014 at 00:56

    Hmmmm...ds wud be nice