Friday, 20 December 2013

MOM.... As a Face Primer?

Hi Lovelies, Compliments of the season to you all, I hope everyone is feeling the Christmas breeze already...? So today i'll be talking about something most makeup lovers have been raving about for some time now : Milk of Magnesia!!! Perhaps some of you would be wondering, what business does makeup have with cure for gastro-intestinal issues? I shall tell you... Originally prescribed by doctors to relieve constipation,Milk of Magnesia is commonly used as a laxative and antacid. Scientifically, it is also known as Magnesium Hydroxide...Its a suspension of hydrated magnesium carbonate in water (boring stuff right) before i send you all to sleep with this science talk, i'll jump right at it. How to use Milk of Magnesia: Make sure to shake well before use. After cleansing your face, apply a thin layer of mom on the face in a circular motion making sure to concentrate on the areas you usually get oily. Most times these areas would be the t-zone and also the cheeks. Don't forget , a little goes a long way..It's not a scrub, so be easy on your face. Once it is completely dried, you can go right ahead and apply your makeup.Milk of Magnesia can be used as a face primer for the sole purpose of having a smoother canvas to apply makeup on. It also helps to keep the oil at bay, thereby having your makeup last all day long. I used mom for the first time for this look and i could instantly feel the effect. I kept touching my face through out the day, checking for oil, but there was none... amaaaaazeballs! This sounds too good to be true right? .. it probably is! From what i hear, you shouldn't use too much of Milk of Magnesia as a primer as it may dry out and leave white patches on your face. Also for those who do not have oily skin they may have issues with dryness, irritation, flakiness and tightness when using milk of magnesia. This product is truly meant for those who experience genuine problems with oily skin. If you want to use milk of magnesia on combination skin, apply only in areas truly affected by oil. Milk of magnesia may also tighten your pores, which could end up being another issue for those who have dry or sensitive skin. Pheeewww!! One more thing to note, please stick to the original flavour,which is odourless, and not the strawberry or orange or what have you flavour, we don't wanna be applying sugar on our face now, do we? So ladies, give this a try and tell me what you think. Here are some more pictures from the look i created...
PRODUCTS USED: FACE milk of magnesia as a primer,mac matchmaster foundation 7.0 , mac studio fix powder nc50, mac studio finish concealer nc50, mua blusher in shade6, max factor bronzer in golden 01 EYES urban decay eyeshadow primer portion, miss rose 88 colour eyeshadow palette for my lid, mac matte eyeshadow in carbon for my outer V and slightly in the crease, bmpro matte eyeshadow in chydesdale as my transition colour, sleek dip it liquid liner in black, jordana retraceable pencil in black, jordana retraceable pencil in ocean blue, ardell lashes #118, sleek brow pencil#191 HIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURING mac studio finish concealer in nc42, sleek contour kit in medium, ben nye banana luxury powder LIPS nyx pencil in nude pink, nyx matte lipstick in pale pink. There you have it... till my next post, do stay beautiful. CM


  1. Can this product be used on guys as well,ur face really feels and look milky,plz what's in it for guys.

  2. Can this product be used on guys as well,ur face really feels and look milky,plz what's in it for guys.

  3. alice kingsley20 December 2013 06:16

    hmmm i wld try it ....pls are you related to kim kardeshian ?

  4. nicoleswizzi.20 December 2013 07:10 so I cnt hlp bt laff @ ur question...I wnt 2 knw d ans anyway...
    Love ds look...nd I cnt wait 2 try it..u look vry beautiful...plz cn "mom" be gotten in a pharmacy? Plz reply

  5. chloe's makeover20 December 2013 10:39

    @Toni, for guys hmmmmm! Well, I guess if its a very problematic oily skin, then why not!
    @Alice, you know the answer to your question already *tongue out*
    @nicolewizze, thanks! And yes you can get it at a pharmacy!

  6. This look is wow!!!! Pls can u do us (ur readers) a favour of posting a step to step tutorials on hw u achieved dis look. Tnkz n waiting for ur reply.

  7. chloe's makeover20 December 2013 13:50

    @Anon 12:01, thanks a bunch! I've noted your request, would oblidge you .... Soon!