Monday, 25 March 2013

5 easy steps to Eyebrow Heaven!!!!

from left to right: scissors, 2 in 1 spoolie/mascara wand&brow brush, brow pencil,tweezer, eyebrow filler, razor blade, concealer and angled brush.

Hi Lovelies,

My very first pictorial is going to be on eyebrows. Lots of people compliment my brows and ask me how i do it, so i decided to show you all these easy steps you can follow to achieve beautiful brows.

It is important to note a few things about eyebrows:

1)Never remove all your hair, never!!!
2)Your brows are sisters but not twins.
3) Always work with what you have.

No matter how wonderful your makeup looks, if your brows ain't fixed, your look ain't complete. With that said let me proceed.....

First of all, a few things you need for beautiful brows are:

-Tweezer/razor blade and a small scissors
-Spoolie or mascara wand
-Brow pencil  (brown)
-Eyebrow brush
-Eyebrow filler or matte eyeshadow (brown)
-Small angled brush
-Concealer (2-3 shades lighter)
5 Easy Steps
Step 1:

After brushing your brows upwards with your mascara wand or spoolie,remove any stray hair along the natural brow line using a tweezer to pluck, one strand at a time! oooouch, you are screaming now, i know! initially its painful, but when it becomes routine you wont feel pain. If you are tweezing for the first time, there is a trick i learnt... use iceblock on the brows to numb that area! Its easier to use razor blade to remove stray hair, but remember you have to use a new blade, which could be very dangerous! Please be very careful when using blades.

Step 2

With a brow pencil, draw a line following your natural shape.

Step 3
With your eyebrow filler or any matte brown eyeshadow fill in your brows to remove any harsh lines created by the pencil thereby giving the brows a more natural look.

Almost done...

Step 4

with an angled brush and concealer, highlight the brow bone and above the brows to clean it up and make it pop some more.

Step 5

Finally, blend away any excess concealer so that the skin around the eyebrow is even with the rest of the face. And there you have it.

I hope this helps. Your comments and questions are welcome. Please follow this blog for more helpful tips. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and as always stay beautiful. CM.


  1. Fabulous!!!

  2. Love love love! Seems like a lot of work tho....and you know me, I pay attention to my eyes but adding all these, I'll spend 5hrs just on my eyes alone. LOL

    Maybe you can let us know how to make the brows even. That's a predicament I'm faced with everyday being that I have a unibrow and have to shave off the intersection

  3. Tope Ogundimu25 March 2013 at 12:58

    Lemmi start trying asap

  4. Marvelous! Been missing one or two steps. Thank u so much, darling. God bless u plenty joor

  5. Good job

  6. Whre can I get eyebrow filler from? wat if I use eyepencil 2 fill it up instead of eyebrow filler?

  7. chloe's makeover25 March 2013 at 14:50

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the comments!
    @anon13.51, if you are in lagos, we sell eyebrow fillers in the studio! Send me your email and I'll forward you the address! Yes you can use pencil to fill in the brows but it wouldn't look as natural as it would
    be with a filler!
    @Tope, do try it out and let me know how it goes!
    @Trace, starting with removing hair, you should do both simultaneously, so that you can keep tabs on how both would turn out! Do the left, then the right then the left and the right till you achieve almost identical brows! Keep practising and let me know how it goes!

  8. Very nice, its ma 1st time here. Naija is sure getting better. Thanks Cloe

  9. My dream come true thanks trying it out out immediately

  10. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 00:55

    Thanks people! Do stop by often...

  11. Nice...tanks for the tip. Am putting it to practice like now#wink#

  12. Dee this is nice.Send me the price for the eye brow feeler.Do u have the brushes too?

  13. omg! shes beautiful..plz is their any way i can come learn frm a crazy lover of makeup..n i rilly rilly wana take it up as a profession plzzzz reply me this is my email and number [email protected] and name is mary.

  14. Good job there..ok,ℓ̊ av α few questions. First,av got this really oily skin and my skin is prone 2break outs and as such av got black heads and spots. As such,am finding it really difficult 2get the right powder,concealer and foundation (am abit fair by the way). Please kindly forward ur address and the prices of these products amd also the brow fillers too..ℓ̊ do hope they are affordable..hoping to hear from you soon,[email protected]

  15. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 03:10

    @Anon 01:46, thanks and do let me know how it turns out!
    @moymof, send me your email and I'll forward the price details
    @mary, thanks for the compliments,please check your email for my reply!

  16. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 03:27

    @Anon02:33, its a good thing you have identified your skin type, all you have to do now is stick to a routine to take care of your skin, don't change products, know what works for you!
    As for choosing the right foundation/concealer powder, you need to speak with a professional makeup artist so you can test your right shade! Then again you know makeup shouldn't be used every day, especially as you have oily skin! Sometimes should should just let your pores breathe! I'll send you my studio address! Thanks for stopping by

  17. I sure don't use makeup everyday,just 2 or 3times α week,sometimes ℓ̊ don't apply for α whole week. Am also skeptical about using α foundation and α concealer,which would u recommend ℓ̊ use along side the powder?? I need prices for the powder,brow fillers and concealer/foundation (depending on the one Ʊ recommend). I.don't want my face looking cakey,ℓ̊ just somethingwi

  18. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 04:08

    @Anon 03:54! Aside from not using makeup everyday, what skin routine do you follow? Its important you have one! It should include but not limited to cleansing, exfoliating, facial treatment! Nothing too fancy! I can recommend clear and clear range for oily skin and neutrogena! I trust these products! You can also get a mud mask which you can use alongside facial steaming, do this once a month, it helps to shrink the pores! Before I can recommend makeup products, I need to know what you use presently!

    • Honestly,my beauty routine is basically me washing my face with water and soap and using my mom's cleanser every ℓ̊ actually used neutrogena once and ℓ̊ loved it,someone bought it outside the country tho and have tried getting it here but...ℓf Ʊ know α place where ℓ̊ can get that and the clear and clear product,plz do help. And oh yea,about the makeup products,prices?

  19. I love every bit of this but I'm sure I won't get it *sadface* I leave my eyebrows bare,no pencil nufing @ all

  20. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 04:54

    @Anon 04:36, as long as your brows are well groomed,no stray hair, no sparse, then you are fine! Then again the idea here is to give the brows a near perfect,well defined and neat finish! So you can try it out, it just takes constant practice

  21. This is so so so so so coooooool!!!!

  22. chloe's makeover26 March 2013 at 13:48

    Thanks Oodee!

  23. Loved this piece. Well done! I would love to get the eyebrow filler too. my email addy is: [email protected] Also, would it be possible to get some advice on my facial skin please? Thanks

  24. chloe's makeover28 March 2013 at 10:58

    @Anon09:11, thanks! I sent you an email! Do check it out

  25. Pls your email. I use the pencil to fill in my brows but I don't mind getting the filler, the angle brush and the spoolie. My email is [email protected] I would also like advise for my facial n eyelashes. Thank you.

  26. chloe's makeover28 March 2013 at 16:21

    Hi Dora,

    Check your inbox for my reply

  27. Trendy Rammy1 April 2013 at 08:40

    Babes big thumb up to you,you are really doing a great job.
    do you mind us following eeach other.cheers

  28. chloe's makeover1 April 2013 at 12:27

    Yeaaa, now following
    my first blog to follow, as i couldnt even figure it out

  29. Hi chole,I don't really understand †ђξ step3.Ȋ̝̊̅§ it JƱڪτ̲̅ †ђξ lower part of M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ eyebrow do I ЂΛƔ£ † line or †ђξ both sides b4 using †ђξ eyebrow filler?tankx †ђξ name Ȋ̝̊̅§ jules....awaiting ur reply

  30. chloe's makeover3 April 2013 at 13:12

    Hi Jules,
    Yes you can line both the upper and lower part of the brows with a pencil, before using the brow filler, for a natural effect.

  31. Thank you very much for sharing this cos I really have problems when I wnt to trace my brow